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Animal Information Form

Having to give up a much loved pet can be very distressing but we are aware that for any of us health, housing and financial situations can change and we will do everything possible to ensure the future happiness and well being of your pet should you find yourself in this difficult situation. We operate a no-destruct policy.

If you would like Last Chance Animal Rescue to consider accepting your pet for re-homing please answer all the questions below and return to us. We will contact you to discuss your pet once we have received the form.

We can only act on requests from this form if you are the legal owner of the dog and are able to sign Last Chance paperwork to agree to the transfer of your dog to us. If you are unsure of what this means please use our contact form to ask for help before filling in this form.

Generally we like our dogs awaiting homing to be kennelled in pairs, and therefore an ability to mix with other dogs is preferable. An assessment of your dog's interaction with other dogs may be necessary before final confirmation of your dog being accepted into our Rescue Centre.

All questions on this form should be filled in.

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Facts about your pet

So we can place this animal in the most suitable home, please complete the questions below:

Is your pet good with dogs? (an assessment may be necessary before acceptance)

  • Good with male dogs?  Yes    No
  • Good with female dogs?  Yes    No
Is your pet good with cats?  Yes    No
Is your pet good with children?  Yes    No
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Is your pet housetrained?  Yes    No
Has it ever bitten anyone?  Yes    No
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Does it chew/scratch?  Yes    No
Does it travel well?  Yes    No
Can it be left alone?  Yes    No
  • If YES, please state for how long:
Is it undergoing veterinary attention?  Yes    No
Last Chance will need access to your pet's medical records, please confirm that you give this permission.
I give permission for Last Chance to contact my Vet:  Yes    No
  • Please give your Vet's name and address

Does your pet have a medical condition?  Yes    No
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Has it been neutered?  Yes    No
Has it been identi-chipped?  Yes    No
Are its inoculations up to date?  Yes    No
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Is it insured?  Yes    No

Are you able to make a donation to our charity?  Yes    No

  • If YES, what amount?

Do you have a photograph that you could email?  Yes    No

Transferring your pet to Last Chance

Are you willing to transfer ownership of the dog to Last Chance Animal Rescue to re-home using our policies and procedures?  Yes    No

Are you the legal owner of this pet and are willing to sign Last Chance paperwork to that effect and transfer any id chipping details relating to this animal?  Yes    No

Is there any further information relevant to this dog?

Why do you want to transfer this dog?

Please state in detail why you need to re-home this dog


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